Digital Preservation Centre (DPC)

NDLI has set up its own Digital Preservation Centre at Salt Lake in 2019.

At first, the contents of "Presidency Alumni Association" were digitized there and integrated into NDLI. This features some interesting contents like:

After that, the issues of the prestigious Bengali science journal "Jnan O Bijnan" were digitized. Bangiya Bijnan Parishad is a science organization founded by Satyendra Nath Bose in 1948. Since inception, Bangiya Bijnan Parishad publishes a monthly journal of popular science in Bengali, called “Jnan O Bijnan”. NDLI is currently hosting all the issues of the science magazine from 1948 to 2020.

Few books contributed by the "Press Information Bureau, Kolkata" are now being scanned and curated, and will soon be integrated into NDLI.

A Bengali translation of "Srimadbhagabadgita", contributed by Udbodhan Karyalaya is ready to be integrated.