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Author Beers, Henry A.
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Abstract Henry Augustin Beers, native of Buffalo, NY and professor of English at Yale, with the help of John Fletcher Hurst (1834-1903), Methodist bishop and first Chancellor of American University, has written a sweeping thousand 900 year history of English literature, up to the end of the 19th century. Although at times biased and sometimes misguided (as when he dismisses Mark Twain as a humorist noteworthy in his time but not for the ages), his research is sound and his criticism is interesting and quite often very balanced. In addition, the last chapter of each part is Hurst's synopsis of religious and theological literature in the language. This book is interesting for its point of view, but also useful as a jumping-off point for those interested in reading the classics. (Summary by Kalynda)
Table of Contents   Introduction, Preface
  Part 1, Chapter I - From the Conquest to Chaucer, 1066-1400
  Part 1, Chapter II - From Chaucer to Spenser, 1400-1599
  Part 1, Chapter III - The Age of Shakspere, 1564-1616
  Part 1, Chapter IV - The Age of Milton, 1608-1674
  Part 1, Chapter V - From the Restoration to the Death of Pope, 1660-1744
  Part 1, Chapter VI - From the Death of Pope to the French Revolution, 1744-1789
  Part 1, Chapter VII - From the French Revolution to the Death of Scott, 1789-1832
  Part 1, Chapter VIII - From the Death of Scott to the Present Time, 1832-1886
  Part 1, Chapter IX - Theological and Religious Literature in Great Britain
  Part 2, Preface & Chapter I - The Colonial Period, 1607-1765
  Part 2, Chapter II - The Revolutionary Period, 1765-1815
  Part 2, Chapter III - The Era of National Expansion, 1815-1837
  Part 2, Chapter IV - The Concord Writers, 1837-1861
  Part 2, Chapter V - The Cambridge Scholars, 1837-1861
  Part 2, Chapter VI - Literature in the Cities, 1837-1861
  Part 2, Chapter VII - Literature since 1861
  Part 2, Chapter VIII - Theological and Religious Literature in America
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